Monday, July 16, 2012

We are so bad at this

If there was an entry in the dictionary for "world's worst bloggers" there would be a picture of the Armoury right next to it!  We are really bad at this.  I would like to say that we are going to get better, and I hope we do, but we have said it before so who knows!

What I can tell you is that things at the Armoury are great!  We enjoy having the Park Program kids every day and are sad to think that in just a couple weeks they won't be there anymore.  Listening to them running around and having a good time is good for our hearts.

We have been very blessed at the Armoury this summer.  A local child care provider and her children hosted there 2nd annual lemonade stand in support of Operation Backpack.  It is absolutely amazing to see the kids so excited about being able to help with this program.  They did such a great job and raised well over $100.  How amazing are these kiddos?  THANK YOU!!

Staring Point's Homestead Harvest Garden (formerly known as the Garden of Hope) is looking good.  As all the farmer's in our area know, drought isn't the best thing for gardens/crops, but we do the best we can and our garden is yielding pretty well considering.  There is just nothing better than fresh vegetables from the garden.  If we could find away to never have the ground freeze so we can do this all year, we would!

Mostly, the Armoury is quiet.  I love the quiet of summer but am looking forward to the crazy of the fall.  It's always nice to have a reprieve, but it's just like being on vacation, it reminds me how much I appreciate the normalcy of life.  And normal at the Armoury is usually watching us run around like chickens with our heads cut off.

Some things we would like you to be aware of.  August 7th is shaping up to be a wonderfully busy day at the Armoury.  In case you didn't know, it is National Purple Heart Day and through our new program, Military Family Outreach, we are hosting an open house at the Armoury from 1-3 pm.  If you are not a Purple Heart, you are INVITED, please come support those who have been injured serving our country.  There will be an Honor Guard presentation, as well as a short Purple Heart presentation and a time to honor not only our local Purple Heart Recipients but also any Gold Star Wives/Mothers, those currently serving and any veteran that will grace us with their presence.  We would love to have the public come out and help us honor these individuals and families.  Representatives Bobby Schilling, Noreen Hammond and Don Moffitt are all honoring us with their presence, so if nothing else, come on out an shake their hand!

Later that night, from 5-8 pm the Armoury is hosting it's 2nd Annual National Night Out in the Lincoln Homes Neighborhood in the open field near 6th Ave and 9th St.  There will be local social service agencies manning carnival type games, music and food.  We are hoping to have the local police department and fire department present as well, if they do come, look for a special game involving them.  Best of all the entire event is FREE!  Be sure to come out and see us.

August 7th with be a great way to bring us back to our "normal" at the Armoury.  Before you know it, the kids will be back in school and then we are in September, and the September Armoury calendar always tends to be a bit scary to look at.  :)